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Online Insect Activities

Create a bug mask, discover your inner critter, and more!

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Harry's Big Adventure
Interactive Games

Think an ant might look better with fly eyes and spider legs? Or maybe you’re interested in a termite with wacky antennae and cockroach pinchers. Take a turn filling in for Mother Nature as you click, drag and drop different body parts to create your own unique bug.

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Think you can unscramble this mixed up mess of swarmers? There’s only 2 swarmers and 8 pieces to this little gem. Simple right? Take a stab at it and find out for yourself. Just have the aspirin close by.

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Bug Masks
Become a bug with Terminix Just for Kids! Download and print one, two or all three masks in either black and white or color. Make your mask as unique and special as you are using things around the house like glitter, glue, paint, yarn, rubber bands and pipe cleaners. You can also print out EXTRAordinary Bug Parts for bug-errific features like antennae, ears, eyelashes, sunglasses and tattoos.
Bug Parts
Color and decorate any or all of these to give your Bug Mask a special look!
Coloring Sheets
Our two collections of coloring sheets let children decide which critter they’d like to spiff up. Then you can proudly display their masterpieces!
Bug Word Search
Ant Maze

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