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Ongoing Monthly Treatments

We take a two-fold approach to treating your property.

Current Mosquito Forecast Conditions

The map above shows the areas covered by Terminix Service, Inc. in SC, western NC and CSRA Georgia. Mosquito pressure is indicated by colors ranging from Blue for very Light to Red which indicates Extreme activity. The activity map is updated daily for current mosquito conditions.

Mosquito Forecast

The Terminix Mosquito Forecast will help determine the likelihood and severity of activity in the different geographic territories. Mosquito activity is most active when breeding takes place in area with an abundance of water. The forecast attempts to determine how much sitting water is produced with rain and various methods of evaporation.

Terminix encourages a proactive approach to deter and manage mosquito activity. Our customers will take advantage of the most respected and trusted pest control companies to deliver a mosquito free environment in their back yard. Submit your information today for a free quote or to set up service!

Mosquito Management

Mosquitoes can really drain the fun out of your outdoor enjoyment! Our Mosquito Management program provides ongoing monthly treatments during times of high activity (April-October) to reduce the mosquito population on your property so that you can take back your yard.

We take a two-fold approach to treating your property:

  1. An application will be made to the shrubbery to reduce the existing mosquito population.
  2. An application to eliminate breeding sites around your yard to help reduce the number of larvae that become adult, biting mosquitoes.

In addition, we'll inspect your property thoroughly, and provide comprehensive recommendations for physically altering or removing potential breeding sites.

Planning a special outdoor event? We can also treat the area prior to the event to help reduce the number of mosquitoes and help your guests have a more enjoyable time.

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