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What to Do When Ants Come Marching In

Just about everyone in the South can identify a fire ant without any sort of field guide—the bright red, six-legged pests are a common sight during the summer.


Ants in your House

Ants in your House While the Ants in the Pants game might be fun for a family game night, you probably don’t want these nuisance critters inside your home.

2 ants silhouettes

Ask The Entomologist: Queen Ants

Ask The Entomologist about queen ants Question:If I have enough ants in captivity without a queen will they select one? Ok, so say I dug up a huge ant nest, and the queen is killed in the process.

Ask The Entomologist: Ants

Ask The Entomologist question about ants Question:I replaced 70% of my shed last year because of the infestation of termites that I was oblivious to.