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Expert Advice: How To Keep Away Unwanted Pests

Should you paint your porch ceiling blue to deter wasps? What about planting garlic to keep mosquitoes away? While there is some merit to some DIY pest control, local pest management professional Chris Haynes of locally-owned Terminix in Bluffton shares some expert advice for a pest-free summer.

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Home Damage Can Be Costly: Things To Watch Out For

Every house requires regular maintenance.

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Are Mice Hiding in Your Home

We are still waiting for cooler temperatures but once they arrive, you might get some unwelcome houseguests.

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Schools and Bed Bugs: How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Into Your Home

Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere, including in child care facilities, schools, and colleges.


Warning Signs of Rodents This Fall and Winter

As the weather gets cooler, rodents like mice and rats look for warmth inside of homes.

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Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Backyard This Year

There is no argument that mosquitoes are the worst.

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Six Keys for Spring Pest Prevention

Unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the Southeast have ushered in a new set of pests and the professionals at Terminix Service, Inc.

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Planning Ahead for Termite Season

They say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case, the early bird saves itself from a nasty termite infestation.

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A Creeping, Crawling Cockroach

When it’s ladies night out for my wife and her friends, I always have a movie night with our two daughters.

5 Tips for Avoiding (and Dealing With) Bedbugs While Traveling

Bedbug numbers have only been increasing in recent years, and a National Pest Management Association (NPMA) .