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Charlotte Among 10 At-Risk Cities For Increased Pests

If you’ve been wondering where Winter is, you aren’t the only one.

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Avoid the Tricks and Pests Pumpkins Can Bring

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, but did you know they can also attract pests? Before you head out with your kids for trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, we wanted to help you avoid tricks that pumpkins can bring to your home.

Fall Terminix Tick Tips

Labor Day has come and gone and the summer season is quickly coming to an end.

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Protect Your Pets And Outdoor Fun From Mosquitoes This Summer

Mosquitoes are inevitable this time of year and we encourage everyone to be proactive in protecting themselves from mosquito-borne illness by reducing the mosquito population in their yard.

Termite Concern? Terminix Releases 10 Tips To Protect Your Home

Did you know that termites cause roughly $5 billion in damage every year? March 10-16 is National Termite Awareness Week and Terminix Service, Inc.

christmas tree

Unwanted Christmas Tree Pests

Did you know that up to 20,000 bugs could be lurking in a single Christmas tree? This holiday season, we’re here to help and have a checklist of things to consider before bringing your tree into the house.

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Termite Awareness Week 2018

March 11-17 is Termite Awareness Week and Terminix Service, Inc.

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Pests That Outsmart Winter

These five pests have evolved to withstand wintery conditions to survive: Mosquitoes: Adult mosquitoes will not survive, but the eggs will.

christmas tree pests

Christmas Tree Pests

Christmas trees are vulnerable to dozens of different pests.


Protect Your Pantry From Pests This Holiday Season

It’s the start of a joyful time of the year when homes fill with delicious smells of holiday cooking and the sound of laughter among family and friends.