Cheryl Raven

Terminix Service, Inc. was opened almost 70 years ago and is a family owned and operated business. A huge factor in the success of the company is the dedicated employees. Many current employees have been working for TSI for more than 20 years!

You can imagine the stories these devoted employees can share. We have highlighted a few of their stories and will be sharing different ones each week. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as our employees enjoy sharing them.  This week we’re sharing Cheryl Raven’s story.  She’s been with us for 31 years and is currently the Director of Branch Administration at the Corporate Office.

Hard to imagine a time before cell phones ruled, but Cheryl remembers a time when TSI used two-way radios. The radios were in the TSI service trucks and at the time, the only way to communicate with the technicians. Cheryl would constantly be going back and forth between answering the phone and trying to contact a technician on their radio. One day she answered the phone with the radio call tag, “KWD615 Asheville base to Unit 5.” There was a long silence on the other end of the phone and then the customer started laughing. The customer was also an administrative assistant and was able to relate to the situation. Two-way radios are a thing of past now, but bring back fond memories for Cheryl.

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