There is no argument that mosquitoes are the worst. And this season will be no different. 

“Mosquitoes are inevitable during warmer months and we encourage everyone to be proactive in protecting themselves from mosquito-borne illness by reducing the mosquito population in their yard,” shares Kevin Hathorne, technical director of Terminix Service, Inc.

Hathorne says steps to reducing mosquitoes include:

  • Disposing of old tires, buckets, drums, bottles or any water holding containers.
  • Cleaning debris from rain gutters, ditches, culverts and outdoor drains so water can flow properly.
  • Ensuring swimming pools and ornamental ponds are properly maintained and that water in birdbaths, plant pots or drip trays is emptied and replaced after every rainfall.
  • Checking around outdoor faucets, air conditioner units and repair leaks or puddles.
  • Filling in tree holes and hollow stumps that hold water with sand or concrete.
  • Keeping grass cut and shrubs well trimmed where adult mosquitoes may rest.
  • Sealing out mosquitoes by ensuring windows and door screens are in good condition.
  • Wearing light colored clothing, long sleeve shirts and long pants when possible.
  • Using personal insect repellants that contain DEET.

“In addition to minimizing standing water around your home, it’s important to get your yard professionally treated throughout the spring and summer.”

While Terminix cannot guarantee customers will not get bitten by predacious mosquitoes or contract a mosquito-borne illness, by significantly reducing the mosquito population in a given area, everyone can reduce the chances of bites occurring. For more information on mosquito management services, visit or call 1-800-TERMINIX.

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