In the South, family-style cookouts are a summer staple in any close-knit neighborhood. And the neighborhood where my family and I live is no exception. Because there’s nothing better than a summer evening filled with family, friends, and good food!

The families on our block take turns hosting summer cookouts. This year, my family drew the straw for the second Saturday in August. We started planning early, selecting the food, beverages and kids’ games weeks in advance. I began working on cleaning up the yard, adding in some new plants, and re-staining our back porch.

Our last step was to make a call to Randy, our Terminix Service, Inc. professional – the only person we trust with our mosquito management! Since we wanted a mosquito-free cookout, this step was high priority.

Randy helped us set up a summertime mosquito management program to keep our cookout enjoyable and our backyard mosquito free all summer long.

If you want to take back your backyard and ban predacious mosquitoes this summer, my wife and I strongly recommend Terminix Service, Inc.’s mosquito management program. The mosquito management services that Terminix Service, Inc. offer come in two steps:

  • Treatment: Terminix Service, Inc. treats your backyard with a pet and garden friendly spray to kill grown-up mosquitoes and their larvae.
  • Prevention: Terminix Service, Inc. inspects your property and works with you to identify and eliminate the damp conditions or standing water that mosquitoes love to breed in, such as pools, birdbaths, water-filled toys or other areas of pooling liquid.

You can click the link here for more information on the services. If you are unsure about whether or not you may need mosquito management services, you can always look at the mosquito activity forecast. It will tell you if your county and your backyard are at high risk!

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