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Kids Should Be the Only Wildlife in Your Home

We all want to be closer to nature. But wild creatures like raccoons, squirrels, snakes, and even birds can wreak havoc when they get inside a home. Not only can they chew through cables, destroy insulation, and dig through walls and floors, they can also spread diseases (and scare the bejeezus out of you and your family).

The SWAT Team of Wildlife Invasions

Whether it’s bats in the attic or moles in the yard, our expert technicians are Certified Wildlife Control Professionals, fully licensed, and insured. Beyond simply catching unwanted wildlife, Terminix works to identify and eliminate points of entry to keep critters out where they belong. We even offer attic cleaning and sanitizing services to restore any soiled insulation.

Rodents wreaking havoc on your home?

Learn more about how our Rodent Control Service can rid you of rats and mice for good.

Video: Terminix Wildlife Control
Video: Squirrel Inside Christmas Tree
Video: Wildlife Control


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