Once the weather starts warming up, many of us enjoy spending time outside. But we don’t enjoy the pests that come with spending time outdoors, especially when they come indoors. Below are some tips to keep pests away during the warm weather:

  • Seal up windows. Identify any openings in the screen and repair as quickly as possible. Clean each window and screen thoroughly, then seal the outer frame with moisture-resistant sealant.
  • Have a professional trim your landscaping. Keeping tree limbs and vines away from your roofline will decrease the likelihood of rats and squirrels getting into your home.
  • Do routine cleaning. Create a daily cleaning schedule. Vacuum floors and furniture to pick up traces of food crumbs. Your trash can, pantry, freezer, and fridge should be cleaned regularly to remove food scraps.
  • Inspect the exterior of your home and seal any possible entry way for pests.

Summer should be enjoyed pest-free! Let us help you keep it that way, contact a Terminix Service Inc. professional to learn about our pest control services.

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