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Are Your Neighbors Causing Your Mosquito Problems?

You have a mosquito control service for your yard and enjoy your time outdoors with your family.


Ants in your House

While the Ants in the Pants game might be fun for a family game night, you probably don’t want these nuisance critters inside your home.

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Spring Insects To Watch Out For

The weather is getting better.

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Why Termites Are Attracted To Your Home

Termites can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.


Shoo Drain Flies; Go Away

Swatting flies away from your drain? You are probably encountering drain flies, also called “moth flies.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches, also called Palmetto bugs, can be extremely difficult to get rid of, but that’s why Terminix is here to help.

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Cooling Off This Summer

We are partnering with blogger Love Jaime to bring you lifestyle tips, DIY projects and more.

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Mother’s Day DYI Gift Ideas

This year we are partnering with Love Jaime for some Mother’s Day DYI gift ideas! Check her idea for footprint flowers.

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Backyard Pest Prevention

Warmer weather is here! And now is the time to start preparing your backyard for a pest-free summer.

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Six Keys for Spring Pest Prevention

Unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the Southeast have ushered in a new set of pests and the professionals at Terminix Service, Inc.