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It’s Time To Play Best That Pest!

Welcome to Best That Pest! Watch as two pest-besting pros face off to see who’s above the rest.

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Are Your Neighbors Causing Your Mosquito Problems?

You have a mosquito control service for your yard and enjoy your time outdoors with your family.


Ants in your House

While the Ants in the Pants game might be fun for a family game night, you probably don’t want these nuisance critters inside your home.

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Spring Insects To Watch Out For

The weather is getting better.

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Termite Inspection 101

Terminix offers the most advanced termite solutions, backed by the strongest guarantee in the business.

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What Happens To Termites After Rain

We all know April showers bring spring flowers but what else do those showers bring?  Flying termites! Also known as alates they come from the ground, tree stumps or cracks in foundations.

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Common Pests You May Find in Your Home

You don’t want uninvited pests invading your home.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches, also called Palmetto bugs, can be extremely difficult to get rid of, but that’s why Terminix is here to help.


7 Ways Pests Are Taking the Sweat Equity Out of Your House

By Bob Vila, home improvement expert If you’re like so many other property owners, you put a great deal of time and energy, money and thought into your single biggest investment, your home.

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Summer Pest Proofing

Once the weather starts warming up, many of us enjoy spending time outside.