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How To Get Rid of Spiders: Top 5 Tips from Terminix

One thing we can all agree on is that anything with more than four legs is terrifying—which means spiders are extra terrifying.

christmas tree pests

Christmas Tree Pests

Christmas trees are vulnerable to dozens of different pests.

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Six Keys for Spring Pest Prevention

Unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the Southeast have ushered in a new set of pests and the professionals at Terminix Service, Inc.

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Fall Invaders

My neighbor Biff and I were lounging on my back deck yesterday after work enjoying the cool fall-like temperatures and talking about life in general.

fall leaves

Fall Pest Advice

Fall Pest Advice; how to keep pests from making your home theirs With fall approaching, pests will be looking for a warmer place to call home.

summer pest advice

Summer Pest Advice

Summer Pest Advice; how to keep your home pest free The summer heat is here to stay and pests are swarming! Depending on your area; you will may find ants, spiders, cat fleas, rodents, silverfish, cockroaches, yellow jackets and millipedes trying to enter your home.