Not only can rats spread disease and aggravate your pets, but they can also chew on electrical cables and wreak other havoc on your home. There are many reasons why trapping rats should be left to the professionals but here are some issues that can occur when you used traps on your own.

1. Injury
In addition to hurting or even breaking a finger, rat traps can hurt your pets. Placement is very important with traps to avoid harming anyone or any pet in your home.

2. Rat Traps Don’t Trap All Rats 
Your trap will probably only get one rat, so what about the others? Rat traps really need to be used with complete exclusion plan to get rid of all rats. This will ensure all rats are removed and preventing others from entering your home in the future.

3. It Takes A Rat Professional to Know Where Rats Will Be 
You will probably place rat traps where you have seen the rat or think it might be. However, rats are smart and can avoid traps. Our professional know how to outsmart rats and place traps where rats will likely be.

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