Summer Bummers

Nothing ruins summertime faster than a hoard of hungry mosquitoes. Not only do their bites hurt and turn into itchy welts, but those nasty suckers also carry diseases and viruses like malaria, West Nile, and Zika. And who wants to spend summer covered in bug spray all the time? Hard pass on that. Luckily, Terminix can keep mosquitoes out of your yard all season long.

Mosquitoes, Managed

Our Mosquito Management service offers a proactive approach to protecting your outdoor spaces. Available in four- or seven-month plans between April and October (when mosquitoes are most active), the monthly service treats your yard to kill mosquitoes and their larvae. Low-impact pesticides are used to treat areas where adult mosquitoes rest, and insect growth regulators are used to treat breeding sites. The pesticides are applied at very low rates, and the product used to kill the larvae is specific to mosquitoes, so it will not have any effect on other animals or pets.

On top of that, our experts will also help you eliminate conditions that entice mosquitoes to fly by in the first place. We’ll work with you to identify and eliminate the damp conditions or standing water that mosquitoes love to breed in – such as pools, birdbaths, water-filled toys, or other secret skeeter stomping grounds.


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“We’ve had lots of rain lately, which makes it difficult to keep the mosquitoes away. But even so, I’ve still been able to enjoy my yard this summer. This would be impossible without my Terminix mosquito service! Really don’t think I could live without it. You make summertime fun!” – Customer in Columbia, SC