They See You When You’re Sleeping…

Bed bugs suck. No literally. They can tell when you’re sleeping and then crawl out of their hiding places to suck your blood. Gross! Plus these nighttime terrors can spread quickly throughout your home. Because they can survive for months without eating, live in hard-to-reach locations, and have developed a tolerance for pesticides, bed bug treatment should always be left to the pros.

Knockin’ Out Bed Bugs Safely

Terminix uses a revolutionary biopesticide designed to eliminate bed bug infestations. The product, which is safe around people and pets, is applied to areas around the home where bed bugs harbor and travel. When they crawl through these treated areas they pick up biological spores and spread them to other bed bugs they encounter. The spores germinate and kill the bed bugs within a few days and continues to infect new bugs that may be introduced to your home for up to 3 months.

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“Very pleased with the service provided. Truly feel my home is in the best care with Terminix. I can trust them to be on time, professional, and even a follow up phone call to be sure I am happy.” – Customer in Summerville, SC