Terminix: Reshaping Pest Control Narratives with ‘We Work With Pests’ Campaign

In a unique approach to redefine the pest control industry’s narrative, Terminix has launched a groundbreaking campaign, ‘We Work With Pests.

Spider Webs Vs. Cobwebs: What’s the Difference?

From the delicate marvel of a freshly spun spider web to the eerie mystery of an abandoned cobweb, the world of arachnid architecture is both captivating and mysterious.

Where Do Spiders Go in the Winter? Understanding Spider Behavior in the Southeastern USA

As temperatures drop and winter sets in, many creatures seek shelter and safety from the cold.

How to Spot Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Having any type of pest infestation is never a good thing and means you have to go through the painstaking effort of locating the source of the problem and addressing it promptly to prevent the infestation from getting worse.

The Most Common Types of Winter Pests in the Southeast

As the season changes and the weather grows colder in the Southeast USA, specifically South Carolina, rodents and pests will look for shelter to hunker down for warmth.

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Easy-To-Follow Tips For Pest Prevention This Winter

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Black spider crawling along a branch

What common creepy crawlers can you find in your back yard?

Spiders are some of the most well-known and fascinating creatures on the planet.

High resolution image of a mosquito.

World Mosquito Day ‘23: Celebrating Earth’s Deadliest Animal

Did you know that mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other animal on the planet? Every year, mosquitoes transmit deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Zika and encephalitis to millions of people, causing countless deaths.

Picture of a rat near a home to showcase rodent infestation.

The Most Rat Infested Cities in the Southeast

When it comes to rats, one is bad enough.