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Summer’s Hottest New Baseball Game Snack, BBQ Crickets

Terminix Service Inc.


Ants in your House

While the Ants in the Pants game might be fun for a family game night, you probably don’t want these nuisance critters to inside your home.

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Terminix Service, Inc. Named One of the Best Employers in North Carolina

Terminix Service, Inc.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Bed Bug Treatment

Wallpapering, painting, and minor home repairs are all great DIY projects.

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Schools and Bed Bugs: How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Into Your Home

Bed bugs can be found almost anywhere, including in child care facilities, schools, and colleges.

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Palmetto Bugs and Your Home

“Palmetto bug” is a name applied to several species of large cockroaches.

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Before You Sign: What New Homeowners Need To Know About Termite Treatment

Congratulations on your new home! While you’re focused on countertops and closing costs, we’re focused protecting your investment from one of its biggest threats—termites.

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Spring Insects To Watch Out For

The weather is getting better.

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Termite Inspection 101

Terminix offers the most advanced termite solutions, backed by the strongest guarantee in the business.

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Why Termites Are Attracted To Your Home

Termites can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.