Cockroaches Are Even Scarier Than You Think

Not that you need another reason to hate roaches, but they’re a bigger problem than simply scaring the daylights out of you. These nightmarish pests can transmit diseases, bacteria, worms, and human pathogens. Not to mention, their saliva and droppings are known to increase the severity of asthma—especially in children. Ick-factor to the max!

The Ultimate Cockroach Control

Terminix’s quarterly pest control service includes cockroach elimination and prevention. Our experts will identify points of entry, treat affected and vulnerable areas, and provide tips to prevent future infestations. The best part is our pest control service is backed by our unbeatable guarantee, so if roaches ever come back, so will we.

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“I’ve stayed with Terminix because of excellent service, courteous response if there is an issue, and professionalism while spraying my house. As long as they come out, the Palmetto bugs are not an issue! Thank you because I cannot live with these Palmetto bugs of the Lowcountry!!” – Customer in Mt. Pleasant, SC