Teeny-Tiny Fire Bombs

Aside from turning your yard into a mindfield with their unsightly mounds, fire ants are also dangerous. Ants’ painful stings can be hazardous if you’re allergic to them or if you encounter them en masse. Plus, many DIY methods to stop fire ants only take out the mounds, not the underground colonies. Time to bring in the experts!

Fire Ant Experts Required

Different ants are affected by different types of treatment. So when it comes to an ant invasion on the homefront, it’s best to trust the experts. If you do indeed have fire ants at your feet, our twice-yearly Fire Ant Service is a customized solution to get rid of those guys without damaging your lawn. And if they start to come back while you’re covered, so will we.

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“We had a growing number of fire ant mounds in our yard. Instead of treating the fire ants on the same rainy day as our quarterly pest control, our keyman advised that we should wait to do the fire ant treatment on a sunny day. So he did just that. Thank you for your diligence and wisdom.” – Customer in Statesville, NC