Rodent Night Terrors

You know the sound: the pitter-patter of little bitty rodent feet running amuck in your home while you’re trying to sleep. It’s the stuff homeowner nightmares are made of. Not only can rodents spread disease and aggravate your pets, but they can also chew on electrical cables and wreak other havoc on your home. No thank you!

Don’t Get Caught in the Trap-Trap

No one likes dealing with gruesome mouse traps, which may put an end to your current invaders, but doesn’t prevent future intrusions. That’s why our experts focus on rodent behavior—to figure out where they’re coming from and how to keep ‘em out for good. We create an effective, customized solution to stop rats and mice in their tiny tracks.

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“Terminix knows exactly what to do to keep my home pest free. I rely on them to keep pests a non-issue for me so I can continue my very busy schedule. I will be a Terminix customer for life!” – Customer in Summerville, SC