Roaches and Palmetto bugs – the most unwelcome guests in any home. No one wants to be greeted by those tiny pests scurrying around. With Terminix by your side, this will be a worry of the past. Boasting a track record that will put fear in even the most intimidating roaches, Terminix is committed to providing the most reliable and efficient solutions to squash your bug-related worries. 

Our proven strategies to outwit those pesky critters will fortify your home from the invasion of creepy crawlers and fend off the nuisances and health hazards that come along with roach infestations in your pet’s food. 

Cockroaches are infamous for carrying diseases that have the potential to contaminate surfaces and food sources, including pet food. Protecting and keeping your pets in good health extends farther than treats and affection. 

Roaches found in pet food can give rise to numerous health hazards like bacterial infections, food poisoning and allergic reactions, among others. Roaches also have the potential to induce asthma in both humans and pets. 

At Terminix, we understand how important your pets are and recognize protecting them from these harmful pests is crucial to their well being. Equipped with our effective cockroach removal strategies, we are prepared to eliminate these pesky creatures allowing your pets to enjoy their meals without any unwelcome guests. 

Common Cockroach Types: What to Watch Out For

When it comes to dealing with pesky intruders in our homes, few pests are as unwelcome as cockroaches. These resilient creatures come in various shapes and sizes and it’s important to be able to identify them to effectively address any infestations. Here’s a quick rundown of some common types of cockroaches in our service areas.

German Cockroaches: German cockroaches, known for their light brown or tan coloration and distinctive stripes just behind their heads, are a common sight in homes and commercial settings. These adaptable insects tend to gravitate towards warm, humid environments and are often found in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas with access to food and water.

American Cockroaches: The American cockroach, also referred to as the palmetto bug, is one of the largest species of common cockroaches. These reddish-brown insects are often found in dark, damp areas such as basements, sewers and utility tunnels. Their size and tendency to fly can make them particularly unsettling for homeowners.

Smokybrown Cockroaches: Smokybrown cockroaches, with their dark mahogany coloring and sleek, shiny appearance, are commonly found in outdoor areas such as leaf litter, mulch and tree bark. However, they can also venture indoors in search of shelter and food, especially in older structures with plenty of entry points.

Oriental Cockroaches: Oriental cockroaches, also known as water bugs or black beetles, are recognizable by their shiny, dark brown or black bodies. These cockroaches are often found in dark, damp areas like basements, crawl spaces and drains. They have a strong association with unsanitary conditions and can pose a significant health risk in infested areas.

Identifying the type of cockroach infesting your space is crucial for effective pest management. Each species has its own habits and preferences, which can impact the most appropriate treatment methods. If you suspect a cockroach infestation, it’s important to seek professional assistance to address the issue promptly and comprehensively.

Roach Removal: Roach-Free Food for Your Furry Friends

Maintaining a cockroach-free food source for your pets can pose a significant challenge; however, there are several existing methods you can implement to ensure their meals remain pest free. To get started on your journey of cockroach extermination, here are a few effective strategies: 

Practicing Storage Optimization

When it comes to storing your pets’ food, it is essential to take proper measures to prevent cockroach infestations. Fortifying your pet food in sealed containers made of metal or hard plastic will be ideal as roaches possess a high skill level in penetrating cardboard and weak plastic. Investing in durable food storage options will enhance your defense against roach intrusions. 

The durability of a metal or hard plastic container also offers long term protection from any other unwanted critters and the ability to maintain the freshness and integrity of your pet’s chow. 

Proper Garbage Disposal 

Don’t trash the importance of proper waste disposal! Proper disposal of all garbage is critical, especially pet food packaging. Remember to place all waste in a tightly sealed garbage and empty the bin regularly. Sealing the lid will throw a major wrench in the roaches’ plans of accessing that desirable waste.  

Seal of Disapproval

Don’t let those crafty creatures sneak through the back door! It is always a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection of your home and hunt down those sneaky entry spots. A good place to start your search is around your pet’s feeding station. Make sure to store your firewood away from the home and keep other outdoor clutter and debris away from the foundation of the home. 

All walls, baseboards, windows and wooden structures are common entry points for pests. If you find any vulnerabilities within your home make sure to give those roaches a seal of disapproval and keep your home a pest free zone.

A Clean Routine

Regularly cleaning countertops, household appliances and food bowls will optimize your defense. After your pet is done with its meal, leave no crumbs behind! Make sure to clean your pet’s food bowls thoroughly so there is no residue or lingering smell. Doing so will show those roaches they are not welcome to a buffet of leftovers.

Maintaining clean food bowls is a great way to keep roaches out of pet food. So wield that sponge and defend your pets from roach invaders!

A Secure Eating Environment

Choosing a location that is safe to eat in is imperative to avoiding unwanted intruders. Adding a mat or tray beneath your pet’s food bowls will help contain the mess and facilitate a simple cleaning process, which offers major benefits in the cockroach defense game. 

Here at Terminix, we advise pet owner’s to refrain from placing their pets’ food bowls in areas prone to cockroach activity, such as damp corners or near garbage bins to prevent infestations. 

Where Else Could Cockroaches Be?

Cockroaches are nocturnal critters that thrive in dark, warm and humid environments. If you are finding roaches in your pet food, do not be surprised to find them in other parts of your home as well. If they have infiltrated your pet food, there is a very strong possibility that their presence can be found elsewhere. 

While wall crevices, household appliances, damp basements and bathrooms are popular alternative locations for uninvited guests, it is the pantry that reigns supreme as cockroaches’ priority target when it comes to home invasion. 

Cockroaches have the impressive ability to reproduce at an alarming rate making it all that much more important to take action quickly. Given the opportunity of a comfortable living environment, like your pantry, a small number of roaches can quickly turn into a large population that will spread through your home with unsettling speed. 

Already Have a Cockroach Infestation in Your Home? Call Terminix!

You have discovered a family of cockroaches in your home. Now what? Call Terminix. Terminix’s leading solutions in residential pest control are second to none. We offer a wide variety of solutions with a team composed of highly trained professionals. 

Whether your home is playing host to a micro-invasion or if it’s under siege from an all out pest army, we’re here to take back your home from the cockroaches and restore it to its rightful state! 

With our experience and dedication to success, we will make it our mission to make your home an unwelcome place for those unwelcome visitors. If you find yourself in a battle with a pest, call the best at Terminix for cockroach tips, tricks and solutions that will leave you with a healthier, happier and roach-free home!

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