We’re one big happy family at Terminix. And we treat our customers like family too. We believe in long-lasting relationships built on trust, in and out of the office. And that will never change.

Meet Rebecca Clanton

“Family is important because we’re going into people’s houses. We are involved in their lives—their personal lives.”

Terminix Branch: Statesville

Years at Terminix: 7

Favorite Thing About Working at Terminix: how the company makes you feel like family

Favorite Pest: Ants are amazing, hard working, team playing insects


At Terminix, we do things right. Not because someone is watching, but because we have integrity. Every member of our team strives to give their very best, and as a result, our customers can place their trust in us to deliver the best service every time. 

Meet Caley Eldridge

“While I’m working with a customer, I have to make sure that the inspections that I do and the service that I provide always include integrity and have that be a forethought and not an afterthought.”

Terminix Branch: Seneca

Years at Terminix: 4

Favorite Thing About Working at Terminix: It’s truly a family-work environment. I’ve worked at places that claim to have that atmosphere but they don’t live up to their standards and Terminix does.

Favorite Pest: As frustrating as they are, ants are my favorite. The sense of accomplishment when you’re able to locate and eliminate a colony that is causing the customer grief is such a great feeling.


Service is in our name, so you can bet it’s one of our values. For 75 years we’ve worked to make every interaction with us as easy as possible while protecting the things you love.

Meet Vince Enright

“The best compliment is for a customer not to think about us at all. They shouldn’t be waking up thinking about whether or not they have pests in their house.”

Terminix Branch: Augusta Manager

Years at Terminix: 3

Favorite Thing About Working at Terminix: The people.  There are countless competitors, but the consensus from our employees who have worked for other companies state that Terminix is the most professional team in the business.

Favorite Pest: termites.  That’s because protecting our homes from termites provides the greatest peace of mind by preventing the most amount of damage to our customers.


We have a duty to protect our amazing employees so they are happy, encouraged, and feeling like they belong. Likewise, we’re relentlessly committed to protecting our customers by responsibly applying treatments and honoring our promised appointment times. They put their unwavering trust in us, and we don’t take that lightly, so we’ll make sure we deliver the best care every time.

Meet Andy Parker 

“The training that we have—we become a part of Terminix. They take care of us by giving us every tool that we need to do our job.”

Terminix Branch: Greenville North

Years at Terminix: 4

Favorite Thing About Working at Terminix: Meeting new people. Working outside.

Favorite Pest: Termite Swarmers.