Many homes across our service areas were affected by the recent flooding. We encourage you to check for any standing water in your homes. We are here to help provide moisture assistance. Please call today for a free assessment.

  • Standing Water

Standing water in your crawlspace for example can lead to high wood moisture content readings and promote the growth of wood decay fungi. It can also attract many pests to the area such as termites, cockroaches, camel crickets, and rodents.

  • Soil around the Foundation

Check for any soil erosion around the foundation of your home. Soil erosion around the foundation can lead to structural problems.  Tracks and holes in the soil will allow water to pool which is attractive to a variety of pests and can promote the growth of fungi.

To help remedy the situation, add new soil and ground cover to the areas that were washed away and make sure to slope the soil to allow water to drain away from the foundation.

  • Pest Issues

Standing water can breed mosquitoes and attract many pests. If standing water is left for a long periods of time, pests such as springtails, psocids (book lice), and fungus beetles can appear.

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