When we look back on 2020, we will remember it as the year many people sheltered in place from a global pandemic and stayed home for work long afterward. In the spring, our home was a safe haven from COVID-19 during the quarantine. Months later, it continued as an office for so many people. This increased time at home has created a new awareness of the pest pressures that maybe went unnoticed until now.

Recently, the Post and Courier-Myrtle Beach spoke to our Pee Dee Region Manager Minh Nguyen, to learn more about how Terminix is meeting the needs of this increased customer demand for both primary and protecting homes against pests, without the need to treat inside. “We have seen more of an increase in demand because more people are at home,” Nguyen said, adding there was about a 15 percent shift from customers requesting inside treatment to outside treatment.

Nguyen said he was a bit surprised that even though tourism was down along the coast, vacation and second-home owners still requested service to their properties.

“We assumed that we might see a decrease in those services here on the coast because a lot of them are rental properties and if people aren’t coming and renting, they’re not going to need service,” Nguyen said. “For the most part, that hasn’t really been true for us. The homeowners still want to take care of the property, whether they have renters or not.”

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