The presence of women in the pest control industry is reshaping an otherwise traditional narrative. Their entrance is more than a fresh perspective; it signifies a shift in the landscape of a historically male-dominated field. In recognition of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating the women who not only thrive in this environment but also expand the boundaries of the profession with their unique strengths and contributions.

We’re spotlighting the experiences of Kristy Thompson and Kenya Brown, two branch managers at Terminix who balance their roles as professionals and mothers. With a collective 24 years at Terminix, they bring invaluable expertise and leadership to the company, setting a benchmark for progress within the industry.

During an insightful discussion, Kristy and Kenya shared their journeys, challenges, and victories in pest control. They revealed the exhilaration of breaking stereotypes and discussed what it means for women to be at the forefront of pest management.

How Women are Breaking Down Barriers in Pest Control: Q&A with Branch Managers Kristy Thompson & Kenya Brown

In a traditionally male-dominated field, we’ve seen firsthand how women are taking unprecedented steps to positively impact pest control. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re telling this narrative through the eyes of Kristy Thompson and Kenya Brown, both proud mothers with 24 years of combined experience at Terminix.

As professionals and branch managers, they have a knack for reversing stigmas and say the future is brighter than ever for women in the industry. Here’s our conversation:

Q: Tell us what drew you into pest control? 

Kristy: “After years in restaurant management, I found that the hours are not accommodating (at all) to mothers. I pivoted to pest control because I saw the potential to transfer my passion for customer service to a flexible, full-time schedule.”  

Kenya: “At the time, I had no interest in pest control, just a job that provided financial stability. I knew my outgoing personality would be an asset, and felt empowered not only as a minority, but as a woman who could lead by example.”  

Q: How has the outlook for women in the pest management industry changed over the years?

Kristy: “From the beginning, I appreciate that Terminix hired me based on my skills, not my gender. Today, I’d say the sky’s the limit, and it doesn’t hurt showing-up the guys from time to time!”

Kenya: “Over the past 15 years, I’d say the outlook has transformed because of fearless women. I’ve been turned down by a customer because of my gender, but have used that to fuel my fire and do great work.”

Q: What are some misconceptions you’ve encountered?

Kristy & Kenya: “Not all women scream when they see a spider!”

Q: What advice would you give to women pursuing a career in pest control?

Kristy: “Go for it. Never limit yourself because you’ll find that women are valued in this industry. In many cases, customers are more comfortable with women, whether you’re a front-of-line employee or in management.

Kenya: “Don’t be afraid. As a woman, invest yourself in a competitive, friendly way. Study other successful leaders, work hard and watch your advancement bloom.”

Kristy and Kenya’s experiences provide a glimpse into the dynamic opportunities available for women in pest control. While their stories highlight progress, there’s also an underlying call for continued support and empowerment for women.

By showcasing the capabilities and resilience of women in roles traditionally held by men, we are not just celebrating individual triumphs; we are also crafting an inspiring precedent for potential female leaders. The growing presence of women in pest control reflects diversity and inclusion practices that make workplaces better—where multiple perspectives drive innovation and success.

Pest control is a field that challenges and rewards equally, offering endless opportunities to those who dare to make a difference. As we push towards a culture that values inclusion, the participation of women is not just welcome; it’s fundamental for the future of pest management.

For those considering a role in this field, let the stories of Kristy and Kenya serve as motivation. It’s a calling not just to serve but to excel and propel the industry forward. Thank you, Kristy and Kenya, for being pioneers and for paving the way for future leaders in pest control. As the workforce becomes more inclusive, companies like Terminix continue to thrive by fostering an environment where women’s contributions are valued and their careers can flourish.

In the progressive steps of Terminix and with the assurance of greater support and flexibility, the industry stands as a promising frontier for women seeking a rewarding career path. Those interested in joining the ranks of pest management professionals can be assured of training and development opportunities that will guide them to success.

Here’s to the women elevating the pest control industry. Your tenacity transforms our workplaces and communities for the better—making every breakthrough a step towards inclusive excellence.

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