Not all pest control looks the same, and Terminix uses an approach called Integrated Pest Management, meaning we look at each situation individually to treat your home in the most effective and efficient way possible. While this technique isn’t new, we have recently made some changes to the way we treat for pests overall. Perhaps you’ve already noticed them, or maybe you’re just curious about the new process. 

This month we sat down and talked with Terminix’s Technical Director and entomologist Kevin Hathorne to cover the in’s and out’s of our new approach. He has answered some of the most common questions about our new pest management program we’ve heard from our customers. Keep reading to get the scoop!

Question: What’s the new equipment you’re using for pest control and why did you make the change?

KH: Terminix Service, Inc. recently made the switch from using high-volume treatments with a truck-mounted power rig, to a more efficient and highly effective backpack sprayer for exterior perimeter treatments. This allows our technicians to use significantly less amounts of pesticide to target areas of need. These new sprayers are battery-powered allowing for quieter treatments, and since the technicians no longer have to pull a long hose around the house, it prevents the chance of damaging items in your yard. They are safer for technicians to use, more efficient, and better for the environment. 

Q: I am a new Terminix customer. Y’all seem much more efficient than the other company I used. But is speed necessarily a good thing? 

KH: Preventative pest treatments may not take long to administer, especially when previous treatments have already been made. Once exterior pest populations have been reduced, subsequent services work to keep those populations down. Our technicians are trained to look for potential pest harborages and entryways. Once the technician knows the property and where to focus treatments, service times will be reduced. 

Q: My Terminix technician used to always come inside and spray. Why doesn’t this happen anymore? 

KH: Interior pest treatments are not always necessary. Upon starting a pest control service, interior treatments are usually needed to treat for existing pest infestations. Since many pest problems start with outdoor pests coming inside, once the initial interior issues are addressed, most pest problems can be prevented with thorough exterior treatments. This helps reduce outdoor pest populations around your home and keeps them from coming inside. Of course, some pests can be brought indoors and if problems arise inside, we will address those as needed.

Q: Can I still get inside treatment if I want it? 

KH: Absolutely, just discuss this with your technician. We will address indoor pest problems whenever it is needed. However, if there is not an existing problem inside, we feel applying pesticides indoors for the sake of putting something there is not prudent.  

Some people feel they are not protected against pests unless pesticides are used everywhere. The products today are designed to be applied lightly and at low concentrations. They are safer, more efficient, and more effective than products of the past. A little goes a long way, so there is no need to apply pesticides everywhere, especially when not needed. 

Q: I have regular pest control service but sometimes still have bugs. What should I do? 

KH: Always let us know when things don’t seem to be working. Our technicians will investigate to figure out what can be done differently to resolve your pest issues. Sometimes conditions may be present that need to be addressed in order to give you the best results. Sometimes a particular pest issue can be stubborn and it may take multiple visits to figure it out. When technicians are dealing with a difficult pest problem they can’t seem to solve, they have the ability to call in the cavalry. We have several board-certified entomologists and associate-certified entomologists on staff to help out.

Q: I just moved here from out of state, and I gotta say, the pest control seems very different. What do I need to know as a new resident of the South? 

KH: Welcome to the Southeast! We have lots of bugs here. This area of the country has a climate that is ideal for many different pests, including termites. Our pest control service is performed year-round. While we may have less pest pressure during the winter months, repeated preventative treatments are still necessary. Our pest service agreements cover most household pests, but some problems may require additional, specialized treatments. Termites are a big deal here and require a separate service agreement.

Have a question that’s bugging you? Let us know and you may see it featured in a future Ask the Entomologist post!

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