Spring is around the corner, and that means warmer and wet weather, creating prime conditions for the subterranean termites found throughout the Southeast to thrive. Not the least of which are the more aggressive formosan termites, common in the Lowcountry but which have recently been making their way across South Carolina. March 6-12 is National Termite Awareness Week and Terminix Service, Inc. is educating homeowners with 10 preventative measures to protect their properties from subterranean termites.

“Termites cause an average of $5 billion in damage every year, which equates to roughly $8,000 in potential repair for homeowners,” said Terminix Technical Director Kevin Hathorne. “It is well known that our service area continues to experience increased demand for real estate as more people relocate from larger cities to the Carolinas. Many of these new homeowners may not be aware of the environmental factors here that are so conducive for subterranean termites to thrive. We feel the public needs to be informed about this increased risk to health and property and want to help them take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening to them.”

Preventative measures include:

Repair plumbing leaks.

  • Make sure gutters and downspouts are not clogged or damaged and are directing water away from the foundation. Install gutters if you don’t have them.
  • Point sprinklers away from your foundation.
  • Prevent any pooling water next to your foundation by re-grading the soil so that water flows away from your house, or installing a drainage system like a French drain.
  • Keep your roof in good shape and free of leaks.
  • Repair and replace damaged siding and flashing.
  • Store firewood, scrap lumber, or any other wooden products as far from your house as possible.
  • Do not use an excessive amount of mulch or pine straw around the foundation.
  • Trim any adjacent bushes and trees.
  • Make sure your crawl space has adequate ventilation and a moisture barrier or encapsulated and conditioned like the kind offered through the Terminix Humidi-Seal system.

Locally-owned Terminix Service, Inc. provides a termite protection plan with the strongest guarantee in the business. For more information, visit www.trustterminix.com or call 1-800-TERMINIX.

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