Kevin Hathorne, technical director and board certified entomologist for Terminix Service, Inc., the ninth largest pest control company in the U.S., answers the questions that bug us all the most.

Q:  I have rice weevils and am wary of having a pest professional treat, as I attempt to social distance due to COVID-19. Do you have suggestions for treating on my own?

A:  When dealing with rice weevils, the only way to get them under control is to eliminate the food source(s).  I understand you already identified some bird seed in the garage as one source and have disposed of it.  If you’re still finding weevils inside the home there may be additional items infested.  Thoroughly examine all stored food products, especially in places where the weevils are being found.  If you think you have discarded all infested products, it may just take some time for the remaining weevils to eventually die off.  Be sure to also check places where food materials may have been spilled.  We have found that spilled food such as dog food, rice, nuts, etc. underneath appliances and cabinets can support an infestation.

I would discourage you from spraying any pesticides to try and get rid of them as this will not help, and only add unnecessary pesticides into your environment.  A safer way to remove weevils and other types of pantry pests that are found would be to use a vacuum.

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