Kevin Hathorne, technical director and board certified entomologist for Terminix Service, Inc., the tenth-largest pest control company in the U.S., answers the questions that bug us all the most.


I’d like to put wood mulch around the perimeter of the house but will it attract termites?  Is it better to use cedar instead of hardwood mulch?


As long as you don’t overdo it, you should be fine either way.  It is true that termites will get into mulch.  They seem to be less attracted to cedar mulch but will sometimes attack it as well.  Don’t pile the mulch more than a couple of inches high around your foundation as this will hold in lots of moisture which will attract termites and other pests.  A light layer of mulch as ground cover seems to work best.

As an added precaution, be sure to have termite control for your property to help prevent infestations. Schedule your free inspection today.

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