summer pest advice

Summer Pest Advice

Summer Pest Advice; how to keep your home pest free The summer heat is here to stay and pests are swarming! Depending on your area; you will may find ants, spiders, cat fleas, rodents, silverfish, cockroaches, yellow jackets and millipedes trying to enter your home.

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2015 Best Employers in North Carolina

Terminix Service, Inc.


Educating Biff about Bees

I walked over to my neighbor’s house with a couple of beers in hand and found him leaning over a table on his porch sobbing and making strange huffing noises.

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Termite Awareness Week

Terminix Service, Inc.

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United Way of the Midland’s Community Champion Award

Terminix Service, Inc.

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Pest Control in the Winter Months

The winter months may keep away most insect pests, however warm fires and low temperatures can put most homes and businesses at risk for alternative pests.


Super Silly Superstitions

There are many strange superstitions out there.

Ask The Entomologist Question about Termites in Mulch

Question: I’d like to put wood mulch around the perimeter of the house but will it attract termites?  Is it better to use cedar instead of hardwood mulch? Answer: As long as you don’t overdo it, you should be fine either way.


Earwigs Gone Wild!

In 2006, a retired couple built a log cabin at the top of a mountain for a vacation home.


Kudzu Bugs!

If you live in the Southeast, you probably have already heard of these little buggers on the news or seen them for yourself.