Folks across the South are making the most of the final weeks of summer, flocking to backyards and the great outdoors en masse. Unfortunately, people aren’t the only creatures who like to make the most of their summer. Late-summer days are also prime conditions for a number of pests, none of whom would be welcome guests to your backyard activities. 

So: What should you be on the lookout for? How should you handle them? Read on to learn everything you need to know about our four least-favorite Southern summertime pests.

The Usual Suspects

There’s no shortage of insects who do well during the warm summer months, but there are a few especially pesky, hard-to-get-rid-of pests we’d like to draw your attention to. 

Our top offenders this season are: 

4. Ants! 

The great colonizers of the insect world. Of course, everyone knows about fire ants ‘round these parts, infamous for both their sting and their resilience. But beyond the ever-present fire ant, there are several other species of ants that can pose a threat to summertime shindigs—and they’re all just as tricky to treat as their fiery cousins. Whether you’re dealing with fire ants, carpenter ants, or other ants, there’s a quick-and-easy solution available from your neighbors at Terminix.

3. Cockroaches!

The cockroach is a year-long nuisance in the South that does especially well during the summer. When it’s hot enough, these creepy critters are often driven indoors in search of food, water, and an escape from the heat. Infestations are common during the summer for this reason; homeowners should be extra vigilant and exercise the utmost caution during these hotter months to minimize the risk of infestation. Tips for prevention can be found in our pest library. Solutions for an infestation are just a phone call away!

2. Stinging Insects!

Wasps are most active during the late summer, when the queen lays her last batch of eggs. With nothing left to guard in the hive, adults are no longer confined to their nest and venture out in search of food more often, where they are more likely to encounter—and sting!—humans. Hives can pose a real threat to people, and any treatments should be strictly handled by pest professionals at Terminix.

1. Mosquitoes!

Any surprises here? Rounding out our list at number one is the scourge of barbecues, pool parties, and yard games all across the South. More than just the everyday biting and blood-sucking, mosquitoes have the dubious honor of being a public-health issue in addition to a general nuisance. When it comes to mosquitos, a proactive approach is your best bet for enjoying a pest-free backyard, which is why Terminix treatment service typically begins in April, at the start of the mosquito’s most active season. We can’t recommend this service highly enough for anyone hoping to enjoy an itch-free summer next year.

But in the meantime, for folks trying to wring the final sweetness out of the late summer, we have some free tips to make your yard less desirable to mosquitoes (and therefore more desirable to humans!). 

Take Action!!

Don’t let your end-of-summer plans get derailed by pests! When it comes to reclaiming your backyard and home, Trust Terminix!

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