In a unique approach to redefine the pest control industry’s narrative, Terminix has launched a groundbreaking campaign, ‘We Work With Pests.’ Originating from our philosophy, “The best bugs are the ones that stay outside your home,” this campaign underscores the industrious efforts to ensure these uninvited guests remain where they belong – outside your home!

Diving Deep into the ‘We Work with Pests’ Campaign

Moving from a unidimensional pest extermination approach to a more inclusive narrative, Terminix focuses on understanding pests’ behavior to inhibit their unwanted visits effectively. As part of our comprehensive training program, Terminix equips our professionals with over 160 hours of industry knowledge, committed to delivering precision measures that ensure your home stays pest-free.

This enhanced perspective led to the birth of the ‘We Work With Pests’ campaign – a refreshing ripple in our industry’s traditionally straightforward approach. It’s not about working against the pests anymore, but rather working with them to understand their patterns, preferences and behaviors.

Perspective Meets Creativity With Video Ads

Creative storytelling is a compelling ingredient in presenting our Terminix values and work philosophy. The video spots included in this campaign, filmed right at Terminix HQ in Columbia, SC, creatively reflect this by portraying termites, mosquitos, roaches and rodents as everyday, albeit unusual, employees, partaking in typical office scenarios.

Interestingly, actual pest behavior heavily influenced our ads. Watch out for termites munching away at cellulose wood, mosquitos flocking around water bodies and rodents busily scurrying along walls. It’s all in the details

A Narrative Unlike Any Other

Our new approach includes a pleasant and approachable tone, wholly divergent from the expected gloomy, bug-filled content prevalent in the market. The campaign’s unique, ‘binge-worthy’ style offers engaging and relevant content for audiences over cable, CTV, digital video and social media channels.

Personality Unleashed: Behind The Scenes

To further offer a peek behind the curtain, the ‘Meet the Dude Who Plays the Terminix Termite’ feature exemplifies the creative energy and personality driving out the Terminix brand. It showcases the real-life individuals who breathe life into the characters that represent pests, further reiterating how we go the extra mile to revolutionize pest control.

Unveiling the Terminix Termite

In the spirit of personifying pests and taking creativity up a notch, the “Meet the Dude Who Plays the Terminix Termite” article unveils the buzz-worthy character of the Terminix Termite. Presented as a regular ’employee’ at the company, this quirky character catapults the campaign’s message to a new level while embodying the fun, accessible and friendly side of our Terminix team.

The man behind the Termite is more than just an actor (and we use that term lightly) in a suit – he embodies our dedication to understanding pests thoroughly. This unveiling provides prospective customers with an inside look at the heart of our campaign, illustrating how we work cohesively with pest behavior, rather than against it. This unique brand personification combined with Terminix’s extensive knowledge delivers a refreshing and lasting impact on our perception of pest management.

Terminix Makes a Difference

Our ‘We Work With Pests’ campaign paints an innovative picture going against the category status quo. This fresh perspective is geared to pivot the company from being just your standard Pest exterminators to changemakers in the pest control industry, utilizing knowledge, understanding and creativity to work with pests and make a lasting impact.

With well-researched behavior analysis, training and a dash of creativity, Terminix horrific household pests into captivating brand mascots. This novel approach in the realm of pest control ensures that the best bugs – those that stay outside your home – merely remain as friendly neighborhood ’employees.’ Now that’s an unexpected job role, isn’t it?

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