We all want to be closer to nature. But wild creatures like raccoons, squirrels, snakes, and even birds can wreak havoc when they get inside a home. Terminix is here to help when your home starts feeling less like a sanctuary and more like a zoo.


The Best People

Our expert technicians are fully licensed and insured Certified Wildlife Control Professionals. Beyond simply catching unwanted wildlife, Terminix works to identify and eliminate points of entry to keep critters outside where they belong.

The Latest Technology

Founded in 1947, we’ve been helping folks around here get wildlife invaders out of their homes for more than 70 years. We even offer attic cleaning and sanitizing services to restore any soiled insulation. Now that’s commitment!

Strongest Guarantee

When you choose us, you choose the integrity of a national company you know, delivered by local experts who put you first. And those local experts are backed by the best guarantee in the business. If wildlife comes back, so do we.

There’s more wildlife expertise where that came from. Let’s check your place for critters.

A Decade of Customer Satisfaction

“We have used Terminix for 10 years and have always been satisfied with the service.” – Customer in Cashiers, NC

Thoughtful and Thorough

“My tech did a great job. I had some questions for him, and he answered them with knowledge and was very helpful. He also was very mindful to make sure the side gate was tightly closed after leaving the backyard. That is wonderful.” – Customer in Sumter, SC

Our Pest-People Are People-People

“Terminix did an excellent job. Very personable yet very professional. They explained the service and findings very well.” – Customer in Columbia, SC


When it comes to protecting your home and your family, you deserve the best. That’s Terminix. Our local experts know the problems unique to your area. We use industry-leading technology and offer the strongest guarantee in the business. Why trust anyone else?