When you put our pest-besting pros to the test, they stand above the rest. We’re thrilled to announce that our very own, Mike Pugliese, has been named the 2020 Residential Technician of the Year by Pest Control Technology.

The distinguished annual award is designed to honor the achievements of the pest control industry’s finest service professionals.

“Terminix Service, Inc. is a family-oriented company,” said Rion Cobb, vice president of human services, Terminix Service, Inc. “That goes well beyond simply being a family-run company, but rather in how we seek to develop our culture to be a family of people working together. We’re all proud to have Mike as part of that family. The work he does, the dedication he’s shown, the way he passes those skills on to the next generation and helps bring up new leaders with him is critical to who we are and how we take care of our customers.”

Pugliese is a veteran pest management professional who has been with Terminix Service, Inc. for 26 years after relocating to North Carolina from New York in 1994. His exceptional professionalism and passion for serving the customers in the Hendersonville, N.C. branch office have earned him the title of the “unofficial mayor of Saluda.”  

“Do your job as best you can, be conscientious in everything you do, take a little bit of pride, and learn how to work customer service,” said Pugliese. In the end, Pugliese says everything he does is about helping his clients. “At the end of every service appointment, I feel like I’ve given them the best that I can. They feel they got great service and that I respect their property.” 

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