As gorgeous spring weather sweeps the South, it won’t be long before peak mosquito season is upon us. Getting preventive mosquito treatment now can make all the difference when you and your family want to enjoy the great outdoors this spring and summer!

Mosquito bites are no fun, but thanks to the array of diseases these pests carry, like malaria, West Nile, and Zika, they can also be dangerous. That means mosquito prevention should be a priority to help keep your family safe.  

Keep reading to find out more about these pesky suckers and how to prevent them. 

Mosquito (Not So Fun) Facts

There are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes in the world, and they are found everywhere on the planet except Antarctica. Water is essential for mosquito eggs to hatch. Some varieties are capable of breeding in less than an inch of standing water, such as the amount of water that the inside of a bottle cap can hold! Yuck! 

It’s also possible for mosquitoes to lay eggs outside of water, and these can sometimes survive for years before actually hatching. Once an egg is exposed to water, it will hatch within 24 to 72 hours.

The average lifespan of a male mosquito is five to seven days, and up to two weeks for females. A female can produce between 50 and 500 eggs in her first brood. Typically, they will produce as many as 10 broods during their lifetime. That’s a lot of mosquitoes!

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Mosquito Prevention 101

There are a few things you can do around your yard to make it less enticing to these flying nuisances. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water and damp locations, so many precautions involve reducing the availability of water.

Here are our top tips for reducing the mosquito population around your home: 

  • Search your property after a rain for any items that may be holding water, such as flower pots or toys, and dump the water out.
  • Keep bushes trimmed, grass cut, and avoid excessive amounts of mulch or pine straw, all of which can trap small pools of water.
  • Ensure gutters are not clogged and are working properly.
  • Keep windows and doors shut, and make sure screens are in good condition so mosquitoes don’t find their way indoors.
  • Use fans outdoors to help push mosquitoes and other flying insects away, especially when cooking out.
  • Apply bug sprays that contain DEET or picaridin to prevent bites.

Do Citronella Candles & Tiki Torches Really Work?

While citronella candles and tiki torches can offer some short-term relief from mosquitoes (and they certainly add ambiance once the sun goes down!), they really only work if you’re standing right next to them. That’s because the smoke deters the pests, so they are only effective if you are in the immediate area. 

But when it comes to a long-term solution, neither are effective. 

A Proactive Approach to Pest Control

Typically, mosquitoes are most active between April and October. That means the key to enjoying the outdoors is getting professional mosquito control before and during this period, so the mosquito population never gets out of hand. Effective mosquito treatment with Terminix includes a monthly service to your yard that will keep mosquitoes and their larvae out of your yard and off of your mind!

This treatment uses low-impact pesticides to treat the areas where adult mosquitoes like to rest. Additionally, the monthly application targets the breeding sites with insect growth regulators. These pesticide products are applied at low rates and are specific to mosquitoes, meaning they will only kill the mosquito larvae and are completely pet-friendly and safe for your family. 

On top of that, our experts will help you eliminate conditions that are appealing to any mosquitoes living in the area already. We’ll work with you to identify and eliminate the damp conditions or standing water that mosquitoes love to breed in, such as pools, birdbaths, water-filled toys, and other top-secret skeeter stomping grounds.

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