Terminix Service, Inc., the largest pest control company in the Carolinas, is pleased to announce a $1 million gift to launch the Urban Entomology Initiative at Clemson University.

This lead gift will be used to support research, education and training in urban entomology—the study of non-agricultural pests, focusing on solutions to pest problems in and around structures used by people.

“The ongoing study of urban entomology delivers crucial information and guidance to pest management professionals across the state,” said Terminix Technical Director and Board Certified Entomologist Kevin Hathorne, who is also a Clemson graduate. “Staying up to date on the latest training and best practices is vital for us to deliver quality service to our customers as well as recruit and retain talent.”

Clemson urban entomologists are well-respected in the field, often assisting both pest management professionals and citizens in identifying and confronting pest problems such as treatment resistance and new invasive species. Locally-owned Terminix Service has a long history of working with Clemson on the study and responsible management of nuisance pests which can contaminate food, spread disease and cause life-threatening allergic reactions.

“As a family business, Terminix Service, Inc. is deeply committed to bettering the communities where our employees work and live,” said Rion Cobb, vice president of human services. “We appreciate the long-term relationships that have developed over the years with Clemson and are proud to partner with them to protect the health and property of South Carolinians.”

The urban entomology endowment is in partnership with the South Carolina Urban Entomology Charitable Alliance and the South Carolina Pest Control Association, of which Terminix Service is a founding member.

For more information or to support the South Carolina Urban Entomology Charitable Alliance, click here.

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