At Terminix, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of customer service at all times. That means when our customers are happy, we notice! 

After one of our valued customers enlisted our help with adding a moisture barrier to her Charlotte home, she was so thrilled with her experience she decided to share all the details. 

This is Cathy’s success story with Terminix. 

Crawlspace Moisture, Managed

Originally from Canada, Cathy and her husband recently settled in Charlotte after living in the United States for about 22 years. Most homes in Canada don’t have crawlspaces, so she wasn’t familiar with the issues that might arise inside them. 

After some research, Cathy learned that when moisture builds up in the crawlspace, it can wreak havoc on the home. High humidity and excess moisture levels can lead to a host of issues, like mold, wood rot, structural damage, pest and wildlife infestations, poor indoor air quality, aggravated allergies, and more. 

When her and her husband began noticing increased ant activity as well as mold along beams under their home, they decided to take a closer look. The problem? You guessed it. High levels of moisture inside the crawlspace. 

After shopping around for crawlspace encapsulation rates and following up with quality companies in the area, Cathy landed on Terminix. She already uses Terminix termite protection for her home, so she decided to place her trust in us again. 

“It was an investment, but it was a smart gamechanger,” Cathy notes. 

Real Results, Real Fast

After the encapsulation was complete, Cathy was eager to see the results. 

When the Terminix technician followed up one month later to check humidity levels, he registered a 38% decrease in the moisture level in just four short weeks. You can’t argue with those results!

“It was just phenomenal. I definitely undervalued the significance of encapsulating a crawlspace,” Cathy admits.

Even after days of steady rain, the crawlspace remained dry and moisture levels stayed low. The ants that had formerly been camping out in Cathy’s home looked for refuge elsewhere when there was no excess moisture or damp wood to be found. 

Thorough Customer Service, Start to Finish

The most important part of Cathy’s fantastic experience with Terminix is 

the high level of service she was provided. From the beginning of the project to the end, she knew her Terminix technician and team would be there for her every step of the way during the encapsulation process. 

They were always on time, called ahead, and never cancelled, ensuring that her time was valued and respected. But what really made Cathy feel cared for is the unprompted follow-up after the job was done. 

“They don’t forget about you. They make sure everything is working effectively,” says Cathy. “For a business, employing people who remember to check in on their customers is extremely important. I would highly recommend their team to anyone.”

We always make sure that our customers are satisfied with their services, and we’re so happy to hear that Cathy recommends putting your trust in Terminix.

Interested in learning more about how you can protect your home from termites, crawlspace moisture, and more? Check out helpful resources on our website. 

Or get in touch with us today for a free inspection! Your home is our top priority, every time. 

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