At Terminix Service, Inc, we pride ourselves on treating our customers like family. That all starts with creating a work environment for our employees that makes everyone feel safe, valued, and part of something bigger. 

We have five core values that each and every member of our team lives by, whether they are a technician out in the field or an entomologist operating at our headquarters. 

We asked members of Terminix leadership to tell us a little about what each value means to them. Keep reading to see what they said!

  1. Family

This value should come as no surprise. Terminix Service, Inc. has successfully run on family relationships for the past 70+ years, and we strive to keep the focus on family even all these years later. We support each other because we know we’re stronger together, and that bond enriches our relationships, our work ethic, and our lives. 

Many of our employees across the business today actually are family—we have siblings, spouses, and generations of Terminix employees on our roster. We’re proud to be known as a company that values people above all else, and we know it’s what sets us apart from other pest control treatment companies. 

Check out what this value means to Trevor Knox, our VP of Sales & Marketing!

“At Terminix Service, Inc, we have a great opportunity to show the world what it means to provide a workplace experience that allows for us all to grow and become our best selves. Not only does it make us more successful in our careers at Terminix, but it also gives us a chance to benefit from the strong personal relationships we have with each other.”

  1. Service

We are, first and foremost, a service-based company. Pest control treatment can feel very personal, because oftentimes it requires allowing new people into your home. We don’t take this lightly. 

Our employees strive to make every part of the process as comfortable and easy as possible, from the first phone call to billing and everything in between. There is nothing more important to us than providing exceptional service backed by our more than 70 years of expertise.

Here’s what Rion Cobb, VP of Human Services, had to say about this crucial value:

“Service is so central to who we are—it is literally a part of our name. We offer a promise that the work we do will help to protect and enhance the most important and personal places of their lives: their homes. 

Each day, we give ourselves, our time, and our talents to help others take care of their families, their friends, and their businesses. And we make an important difference, in more lives than we will ever know, each time that we do.”

  1. Stewardship

When we think about what stewardship means to us at Terminix, Merriam-Webster’s definition really hits the nail on the head: “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” 

That speaks to us on many levels. First, we believe we have a duty to protect the individual well-being of each of our amazing employees, helping them get where they want to be in their careers. 

Susan Douglas, our VP of Finance, agrees:

“Stewardship focuses on protecting our resources. At Terminix Service, one of our greatest resources is our people. Terminix Service has always and will continue to focus on taking care of its employees. We should support each other and strive to have positive work environments.” 

We also believe that stewardship is about giving our customers the best possible care we can, guiding them to the right solutions for them. They put their unwavering trust in us, and we intend to deliver every time. 

  1. Integrity

Integrity means everything to us, and we try to let that shine through in everything we do. From respecting people’s time to listening to our customers’ concerns and ensuring open and honest communication in every interaction, we go above and beyond each and every day to live this value. 

Every member of our team strives to give their very best, and as a result, our customers can place their absolute trust in their technicians to deliver the absolute best service. 

Here’s what President Scott Fortson thinks about integrity:

“Having integrity means doing things the right way because you are supposed to, not because you know someone is watching. We must ensure that everyone carries out their day with integrity, not only as we perform our job duties, but as we do things in daily life. 

That means taking responsibility for your actions, putting others’ needs before your own, and showing respect for others in the workplace as well as outside of the workplace. If we have high integrity as individuals and as a company, we will always be successful.”

  1. Gratitude

Last but certainly never least is gratitude. This value perfectly sums up why we do what we do with a great big grin on our faces each day. There is so much to be thankful for: our work family, our customers, our families, and so much more. 

Chairman & CEO, Lex Knox, understands that while it’s the last value listed, gratitude is definitely not any less important than the rest. 

“Gratitude is an attitude, and it is a choice. As members of the Terminix family, we choose to have gratitude. To be thankful for the opportunity to work together in service to others, and find reward, appreciation, and fulfillment in our lives.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

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