Kevin Hathorne, technical director and board certified entomologist for Terminix Service, Inc., the ninth largest pest control company in the U.S., answers the questions that bug us all the most.

Q: We have eight mouse traps set in our house. The mice seem to only come in the kitchen but we don’t know where they are coming from. They eat the peanut butter we put as bait but won’t set the trap off. Do you recommend any other options to get rid of them? How do exterminators get rid of mice?

A: It is important to remember that recommendations will vary depending on the severity of the issue. In order to determine the severity, you need to know the species you have and be familiar with the environment they are in (your home).  Simply setting out traps usually does not work. This may capture some individuals but may not solve the issue. Rodents are smart and will avoid traps in search of more desirable foods. Sanitation and exclusion (sealing all potential entry points) are also necessary components of rodent control. 

My best advice is to seek help from a reputable pest control company.  A pest professional can inspect your home and determine the best methods of control.  To schedule a pest inspection with Terminix, simply call 1-800-Terminix. 

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