stink bug

Ask The Entomologist Question About Stink Bugs

Question: How do you get rid of stink bugs? Answer: Stink bugs overwinter as adults in protected areas.

Clogged Gutters Can Cause Big Problems

Keep gutters clean to protect your home When is the last time you had your gutter system inspected?  If you don’t keep gutters free of clogs and working properly, many problems can occur.

brown bat

Beatrice the Little Brown Bat

We have a storage room where we keep our pool supplies, floats, yard tools, and fishing gear.


Moisture problems lead to pest problems

Correct moisture problems to help prevent pests and protect your home.

fly on a plant

Ask The Entomologist question about drain flies

Question:Every now and then I notice several really tiny brown flies that most linger around the bathroom and kitchen.

2 ants silhouettes

Ask The Entomologist: Queen Ants

Question:If I have enough ants in captivity without a queen will they select one? Ok, so say I dug up a huge ant nest, and the queen is killed in the process.

Ask The Entomologist: Ants

Question:I replaced 70% of my shed last year because of the infestation of termites that I was oblivious to.

swarm of mosquitoes

Take Back Your Yard From Mosquitoes!

Summer is upon us and certain sounds can spark feelings of nostalgia.

Termites Inside the Wall

Termite Swarm Season is Here!

Spring is here.


Overwintering Pests

It has been a busy, and cold, winter but spring is almost here! The weather is warming up and the insects are emerging from their overwintering sites.