terminix employee spraying the house

Six Keys for Spring Pest Prevention

Unseasonably warm temperatures throughout the Southeast have ushered in a new set of pests and the professionals at Terminix Service, Inc.

termites wings

Planning Ahead for Termite Season

They say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case, the early bird saves itself from a nasty termite infestation.

winter trees

Winter Worries: Opossums

This winter don’t fret over wildlife creatures, such as opossums, getting into your warm and cozy home – just trust Terminix Services, Inc.

winter trees

Winter Worries: Keeping Squirrels Out!

With winter settling in and outdoor conditions getting even more cold and dreary, humans aren’t the only ones looking for some shelter in a warm place.

woman closing the window

A Pest-Free New Year

Say Goodbye to Pests! As a homeowner, is your New Year’s resolution to keep your home pest-free this year? It should be! Here are some simple tips to helping keep pests out of your home this year: Prevent moisture problems by repairing any leaky pipes and fixtures.

christmas tree pests

Christmas Tree Pests

I’ve always heard you should shake your Christmas tree before bringing it inside to help avoid unwanted pests from entering your home.

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A Creeping, Crawling Cockroach

When it’s ladies night out for my wife and her friends, I always have a movie night with our two daughters.

70 years of success

TSI celebrates 70 years of success

Scott Fortson speaks exclusively with Pest Management Professional Magazine about being Terminix’s franchise growth leader in Georgia and the Carolinas Terminix Service Inc.

5 Tips for Avoiding (and Dealing With) Bedbugs While Traveling

Bedbug numbers have only been increasing in recent years, and a National Pest Management Association (NPMA) .

gray rat

Unwelcome Guests: Rats

For the most part, my morning routine consists of getting myself, my husband and my kids up, dressed, fed and ready for the day.