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Located in the foothills of North Carolina, Lake Norman is perfect for a quick trip or small getaway anytime of the year – for humans or pests. Due to the climate of Lake Norman, the most common pests include ants, rodents, cockroaches and spiders. If you find your home infested with these bugs or other pests give Terminix a call.

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4321 Providence Mill Rd
Maiden, NC 28650





  • Mon: 8am–5pm
  • Tue: 8am–5pm
  • Wed: 8am–5pm
  • Thu: 8am–5pm
  • Fri: 8am–5pm
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Common Pests In Denver/Conover/Lincolnton

Trusted Pest Control Experts

Look to a Terminix Pest Control Plan for effective and trusted protection against dozens of household pests in Maiden and the surrounding areas.This guaranteed coverage includes ants, cockroaches, silverfish and spiders.Plus, we have services to control rodents and wildlife, bed bugs and other pest challenges.

Advanced Termite Control

Every year, termites do billions of dollars in damage nationally and are a direct threat in the [CITY] area due to conducive weather conditions. That’s why so many homeowners in Maiden turn to Terminix for their termite control needs - the first pest control company to ever obtain a termite patent. Contact us today for a termite inspection!

Frequently Asked Questions

What PPE precautions does Terminix Denver/Conover/Lincolnton take with COVID-19?

All Terminix Denver/Conover/Lincolnton technicians are equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) when entering homes or businesses for peace of mind and prevention. We are actively monitoring updates from the government and local health officials and continually implementing measures and developing plans to prioritize the health and well-being of our employees and customers.

Does Terminix Denver/Conover/Lincolnton offer Mosquito Control?

Yes, Terminix in Denver/Conover/Lincolnton offers a variety of treatments for mosquito control at businesses and residences alike. We handle mosquito control, treatment and prevention around the home, backyard and office to keep them out. Learn more about what we can do for mosquito control here .

Does Terminix Denver/Conover/Lincolnton offer Commercial Pest Control?

Yes, Terminix in Denver/Conover/Lincolnton offers Commercial Pest Control for property management, food warehouses, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, government properties and so much more!

Does Terminix Denver/Conover/Lincolnton offer any coupons on Pest Control?

Yes, Terminix Denver/Conover/Lincolnton offers $50 off of Pest Control* service at the current time. *Exclusions may apply. Not valid for existing pest control customers.

What other services does Terminix Denver/Conover/Lincolnton offer?

Terminix in Denver/Conover/Lincolnton is an essential service provider. We provide pest control; termite protection; rodent control; wildlife removal and exclusion; bird control; fly control, crawlspace encapsulation and so much more. Visit our website here to find out more: pest control here .

Pest Control Customer Reviews

Mitchell came out and did our first treatment in our new home. I've been with Terminix over 17 years I know they have a great effective product and always provide wonderful service. This new home can with a big ant problem. Mitchell treated my house and yard with extra treatment for the ants. After he left the ants went wild. I called the office just to make sure he had put down the ant bait, I knew he'd sprayed them. She said she would have he call. After a few minutes, Mitchell was walking around in my yard!! Now that's service, he didn't stop there. He came back the next morning too. I love Terminix and the dedication of there employees.

Summer Stuart • April 10, 2021

Pete came to the house the day after a torrential rain storm that was a result of the recent hurricane to do their scheduled termite inspection. When complete, he reviewed the results (no termites found) but we had a significant amount of water accumulated in the crawlspace. We discussed remedies and a possible improvement to our treatment plan.

Doug Bassinger • January 15, 2021

The manager and our regular pest technician have been diligently working with us on our carpenter ants situation which is a bit tricky. We just bought a home in an older established neighborhood with old trees, so finding the nest is imperative. We are very happy with their professionalism and diligence! Highly recommend!

Michele Cregger • January 15, 2021

Excellent service. I have no more mice or insects in my home. Mack is fantadtic. Even brings a treat for my dog. THANK YOU, very much!

Oki Mark • January 15, 2020

Finding termites is the worst! I'm so grateful that the staff in Maiden were so professional and nice. Everyone was knowleagable and respectful from the receptionist, to the inspector, to the technician. I highly recommend Terminix!

Kimberly Klutz • January 15, 2020

I have used Teminix for 48 years and have never been disappointed. Quality employees make for a quality company.

Taffy Decuzzi • January 15, 2019