If you’re a homeowner in Charlotte, NC, then chances are you know just how pesky mosquitoes can be. From leaving itchy bites to potentially spreading dangerous diseases, dealing with these pests is no joke. That’s why it’s important to take active measures towards mosquito control and removal in your home and yard. 

Here at Terminix Service Inc., we specialize in providing safe solutions for helping to rid your yard of mosquitos – so keep reading if you want to make sure your family can enjoy being outdoors without worrying about the risk of mosquitoes all summer long!

Mosquitoes are notorious for causing discomfort and annoyance, especially on warm summer nights, but have you ever wondered what exactly attracts these pesky insects?

What Attracts Mosquitoes to Humans?

  • Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide humans and other animals emit. 
  • Mosquitoes also use their receptors and vision to pick up on other cues like body heat, perspiration and skin odor to find a potential host.
  • Mosquitoes seem to be more attracted to dark-colored clothing on humans.

What Attracts Mosquitoes to Your Yard?

  • Standing water in your yard
  • Excessive overgrowth, brush, grasses, or wood piles
  • Failing to treat mosquito resting areas
  • Inferior tactics for getting rid of mosquitoes
  • Using poor control material
  • Improper application and timing methods

Mosquito Treatment

Our comprehensive approach to mosquito control begins with a thorough inspection of your property during the initial treatment. We customize a mosquito treatment plan based on our findings and your property layout. 

Our plan includes the application of a liquid treatment on shrubs and greenery, which eliminates mosquitoes on contact and creates a protective zone that lasts for weeks. Throughout the mosquito season, we provide regular service to inspect and treat your property. 

If mosquitoes return between treatments, we offer a free retreatment service. Rest assured that we prioritize the safety of active pollinators like bees and avoid treating pollinating flowers.

Mosquito Control

Terminix Service Inc. is a premier local provider of mosquito control and treatment in Charlotte. Our team works closely with each customer to best determine the particular needs of each property, and then use the most effective means of solving the problem. 

So if you are dealing with an influx of mosquitoes in your area this summer, don’t hesitate to contact Terminix Service Inc. for help! Fill out the form or call Terminix Service Inc. today for more information about how they can help you protect your home from pesky mosquitoes. It’s an easy decision that could make a world of difference when it comes to your overall comfort level and peace of mind!

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