They say the early bird gets the worm, but in this case, the early bird saves itself from a nasty termite infestation. The key to beating a termite infestation this season is to start the planning early.

When is Termite Season?

Spring going into summer is the time for termite swarms. Swarms are the beginnings of new colonies, but older established colonies in the ground are constantly foraging for new food sources which may be your home.

How can I get ready for Termite Season?

Preparation is a major factor to keeping your house safe from termite attacks. Following these four preventive measures can make all the difference.

Get Rid of Possible Food Sources

  • Dispose of any wood that could be around your home. Things such as rotting stumps, stacked firewood, and tree limbs on the ground could attract these insects to your home. Wooden mulch typically used in gardens may also be a food source for termites.

Manage Areas of Moisture

  • Just like a viable food source, termites need water to survive. Leaky plumbing and improperly ventilated crawlspaces are prime termite water sources. Ensuring proper ventilation, diverting rainwater from the home, and making sure your plumbing is working properly are all ways to prevent a water source from forming in your home.

Cutback and/or Remove Vegetation from Areas Around Your Home

  • A large amount of plant life can create moisture from rainwater and provide a water source for termites. Managing vegetation growth around your home will help reduce the attractiveness for a possible infestation.

Have a Pest Control Company Inspect Your Home!

  • Terminix offers free, no-obligation home inspections. Getting a professional’s opinion is one of the best ways to ensure your home is protected come termite season.

With termite control from Terminix Service Inc., on your team, your home will be termite free!

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