This winter don’t fret over wildlife creatures, such as opossums, getting into your warm and cozy home – just trust Terminix! As your local wildlife experts, we know exactly how to protect your home from wildlife in the winter months.

About the size of the average house cat, opossums are the only marsupial found in the United States. They tend to be scavengers, so they often raid garbage cans, dumpsters and other containers. Opossums are nocturnal creatures, making them hard to spot and even harder to catch. That’s where our wildlife specialists and professionals come in.

Don’t know where to start? The first thing you need to do to protect your home from small wildlife creatures like opossums is learn how they tend to initiate an invasion. Knowing this can help you evaluate and secure your home against every vulnerability. Some vulnerabilities include:

  • Foundation grates and pipes
  • Dryer, oven and plumbing vents
  • Roof returns, and
  • Other gaps between roofs and walls.

If an opossum were to get into one of these small spaces, they could do some serious damage. That damage can range from chewing through cables and destroying insulation to digging through walls and floors. Opossums can also spread diseases and pose other health threats to you and your family, like most other wildlife critters.

So if you ever suspect (or know) that there is an opossum trying to make your house its home for the winter, be sure to call your Terminix Services, Inc. wildlife specialist. Here at Terminix Service, Inc. we specialize in the removal, repellent and prevention of wildlife critters like opossums. Our wildlife specialists are always prepared to assist in the removal of wildlife from your home safely and legally. To take a deeper look into our wildlife control services, you can click this link.

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