For rodent control, Asheville, NC, has been trusting Terminix for 75 years. Our local, expertly trained technicians have helped countless homeowners deal with rodent problems over the years, including Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, and other rodents native to the area. 

If you’re looking for rodent control or rat exterminators in Asheville, NC, you’re in the right place.

Asheville, NC: Rodent Control Rundown

Because they are capable of living in so many different environments — including wooded areas, open fields, and people’s homes and offices — rats, mice and other rodents are, in a way, a testament to nature’s perseverance. Of course, our admiration for these feisty critters doesn’t translate to acceptance of their presence – especially if they find their way into private residences and businesses in western North Carolina.

We recommend a proactive strategy to our clients. There’s no need to wait until you’re already sharing your home with some uninvited guests, especially given their penchant for wreaking havoc on structures, carrying harmful and infectious microorganisms, chewing through electrical wires, and causing all sorts of other general trouble and mischief

With the help of the local experts at Terminix, homeowners can stay ahead of rodents well before they become an issue so you can avoid rat exterminators.

Common Rodents in Asheville, NC

Asheville isn’t unique when it comes to rodents. Both mice and rats in Asheville, NC, are a part of the natural ecosystem and hardly an uncommon sight. Even still, we hear from existing and new customers everyday, concerned and curious about a rodent. 

  • How can you tell one from the other? 
  • Should I be worried? 
  • When is the right time to call in the rat and mouse exterminators?

We’ve got your answers here — keep reading.


Mice are smaller and, of the two, the more likely to live independently of humans. Mice aren’t choosy about where they nest—they are just as at home in a field as they are behind the walls of your home. Additionally, mice are unlikely to travel too far from their nests once it’s been established, typically no more than 20 feet.

Mice will nest almost anywhere inside your home, so long as it’s a hidden and undisturbed location. This includes  attics, closets, furniture, wall voids, cabinets—even your appliances! They enjoy most of the same foods we do, and have no compunction helping themselves to it.


On the other hand, rats prefer to live in close association with humans. They flourish in metropolitan areas and higher-population environments of larger cities (such as Asheville), and are experts at traversing sewers and other underground passageways. Rats will often travel far from their nests in search of food (100 feet or more), unlike their smaller counterparts.

Inside your home, rats want to nest in warm, dark areas. Roof rats typically build nests high above the ground, while Norway rats prefer to tunnel and burrow. They also enjoy many of the same foods humans do, just like mice.

Rodent Control and Treatment Tips

Now that you know what to look for, let’s look at what you can do about it right now. These quick and simple steps will help you stay ahead of any potential rodent infestations and avoid having to call in the rat exterminators

1. Check Your Windows & Doors

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to help keep your home free of rodents: double-check all the access points of your home or business. Make sure windows are sealed and have in-tact, secure screens in place. Put door sweeps under doors to keep them flush with the floor. 

Also, be mindful that other openings, like ducts, laundry vents, or crawlspaces can also be access points—screen these openings with something like steel wool or wire mesh if at all possible.

Spend a bit of time making sure basements and attics don’t have any openings, too. When possible, maintain well-ventilated and dry conditions in these places to discourage rodents from moving in.

2.  Keep Foodstuffs Secure

Rodents will eat nearly anything, from discarded scraps to (in their little rodent dreams) pristine wheels of cheese. Don’t let your kitchen become a rodent restaurant—seal and put away all food, and keep your cooking and prepping spaces tidy and clean. Empty garbage regularly, and only use bins with tight-fitting lids.

If at all possible, birdseed and dry pet food should be kept outside in resealable containers, and keep an eye on outdoor food bowls, birdfeeders, or birdbaths.

3. Lookout for Potential Nests

Yard waste, rubble, woodstacks, and piles of leaves are all very attractive nesting options for mice and rats. Rodents are also known for their love of cardboard, so don’t let that pile up between recycling trips. If you have any furniture in storage, be mindful of that as well.

4.  Don’t Waste Money on Rodent Repellent

No matter what, don’t spend money on anything claiming to be a “natural repellent.” Lab and real-world testing have shown that these solutions rarely work as they claim to, or work for only a short amount of time if they do. 

And don’t forget—those four-legged friends can only do so much to keep mice and rats in check. Sometimes it pays to call in professional rat exterminators.

brown rodent

Signs of Rodents in Asheville, NC

If you’re only looking for mice, rats, and other rodents in your home or business, you might go months before realizing you have a problem. The scampering scavengers are experts in the field when it comes to staying hidden. 

For the majority of homeowners out there, the first sign of rodent activity is scurrying and scampering noises—usually in the evening—coming from behind the floorboards, walls or ceilings. The other most common first sign of trouble is the droppings.

If you see any rice-shaped pellets or hear noise at night, there’s a good chance that you’ve already taken on some rodent tennents without knowing it.

Because of their secretive, stealthy nature and ability to thrive in tight and out-of-reach spaces, it can be almost impossible for a homeowner to effectively deal with rodents using home remedies and DIY solutions. 

When you need mouse exterminators and the like, that’s where Terminix rodent control steps in with proven solutions. We’ll help you treat those difficult-to-reach places and employ proactive strategies to avoid any rodent reappearances.

For Rodent Control in Asheville, NC, Trust Terminix

Terminix experts aren’t like most mouse and rat exterminators. Our pest professionals have the knowledge, specialized training, and proven approach to protect your home, guaranteed

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