When it comes to rodent control in Greenville, SC, the experts at Terminix are here to help. We’ve been dealing with rodents in upstate South Carolina for 75 years now, including roof rats, house mice, field mice, Norway rats and other rodents endemic to the area. So if you’re looking for rat exterminator and rodent control services, Greenville, you’ve come to the right place.

Combat Rodents, Control Your Home

Mice, rats, and other rodents are some of nature’s great explorers, being able to live and thrive in any number of environments, including wooded areas, open fields, and — unfortunately — even homes and offices. But just because these scrappy critters can live somewhere doesn’t mean they’re welcome—especially when it comes to private residences in the upstate.

At Terminix, we always recommend a proactive approach to rodent control. If given a chance to settle in, rodents can cause structural damage, spread disease-carrying pathogens, and gnaw through electrical wiring, among other bits of general mischief and headaches.

The Rundown on Rodents

Like in so many parts of the world, it’s not uncommon to see mice and rats in Greenville, SC. Keep reading to learn about the differences between the two, what you can do to proactively protect your home, and how to tell it’s time to call in the professional mouse and rat exterminators from Terminix.


Mice are smaller and are more suited to living independently of humans than rats. They aren’t too particular about where they nest, being just as comfortable in a field as inside the walls of your home. Mice are ultimately homebodies. Once they’ve found a nest, they won’t travel too far from it (typically no more than 20 feet).

Inside your home, mice will nest almost anywhere, as long as it’s undisturbed. This includes closets, attics, wall voids, furniture, cabinets—even appliances! They enjoy most of the same foods we do, and have no qualms helping themselves to your pantry.


Rats, in contrast, typically want to live in close association with humans. They thrive in metropolitan and urban environments in larger cities (such as Greenville), and are experts at traversing sewers and other underground passageways. Unlike mice, they’re happy to travel far from nests in search of food (100 feet or more).

Inside your home, rats want to nest in warm, dark areas. Norway rats are more likely to burrow and tunnel, while roof rats prefer nesting high above the ground. Like mice, they enjoy many of the same foods humans do.

The Ins and Outs of Rodent Control and Treatment

There’s no two ways about it, rodents make terrible house guests. They show up uninvited, overstay their welcome, never clean up after themselves, and gnash and gnaw their way through homes. And on top of that, there is the very real threat of disease-bearing pathogens infecting you and your loved ones.

Fortunately, there’s some easy steps you can take right now to help prevent mice and rats from making their way into your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the only recourse is calling in a mouse exterminator! Check out these quick tips for proactive rodent control to protect your home ahead of time.

1. Seal It Up 

Take the time to do a quick review of your home or office’s access points: windows should be properly screened and door sweeps placed under entrances. Other openings like crawl spaces, laundry vents, and other ducts should be sealed with steel wool, wire mesh, or other similar materials.

Take the time to double check attics, basements, and porches for other possible entry points. Keep your basements and crawl spaces well-ventilated and dry to discourage potential rodent tennents.

2. Remove Temptation

As scavengers, rodents are none too picky about what they eat, whether it’s old scraps of food or a coveted block of cheese. Be sure to keep all foods properly sealed and keep your kitchen clean and tidy to eliminate potential meals. Garbage cans inside and out should be emptied regularly and have tight-fitting lids.

Dry pet food and birdseed should also be kept in resealable containers and in an outside storage room, if at all possible. Be mindful of bird feeders and any outdoor pet bowls, as these can attract rodents to your home. Check and clean any outdoor food dispensers and bird baths regularly.

3. Eliminate Attractive Nesting Options 

In the eyes of mice and rats, rubble, yard waste, piles of leaves, and stacks of wood near your home are all super attractive nesting options. Cardboard is another material favored by rodents, so make sure you’re regularly disposing of it. Also, be wary of unused furniture inside the home or storage areas. These can make a nice nest for mice.

4. Don’t Use Rodent Repellent 

Whatever you do for rodent control, don’t use any of those natural mouse repellents, either commercially available or homemade.  Science has shown that these rarely work, lasting only a short while when they do. Remember, dogs and cats can only do so much in their roles as household rat exterminators to keep rodent populations in check. No offense to Fido, but sometimes it’s necessary to call in the professional rodent control services.

brown rodent

Signs You May Need Rodent Control in Greenville

Rodents are experts at staying hidden. For most homeowners, the first signs of rodent activity are sounds coming from the walls, beneath the floorboards and in ceilings, most commonly in the evening, when rodents are most active. Another common sign of a problem in need of rodent control are droppings.

If you hear noises at night or see the telltale rice-shaped pellets inside your home, it’s a safe bet you’ve taken on some rodent guests without realizing it.

Because they thrive in these hard-to-reach spaces most homeowners can’t easily access, it can be nearly impossible to effectively treat rodents with a DIY approach. That’s where Terminix comes in. Our rodent control experts can help get rodents out of those hard-to-reach spaces and assist with proactive treatments.

For Rodent Control in Greenville, Trust Terminix

Unlike most rat exterminators out there, the local rodent control service from Terminix is backed by the strongest guarantee in the business. We’ll keep coming back until the rodents don’t. On top of that, our expert technicians have the experience, specialized training, and proven approaches to protect your home.

Worried you may have taken on some rodent tennents? Call your local Greenville, South Carolina, branch for help.

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