With winter settling in and outdoor conditions getting even more cold and dreary, humans aren’t the only ones looking for some shelter in a warm place. In fact, during the winter it is common for small critters like squirrels to try to get into your home and make it their haven during the cold, winter months.

Though they are small and seemingly harmless, squirrels can actually cause quite a bit of damage if they manage to make their way into your home. Property damage could take the form of chewed cables, destroyed insulation and walls and floors that have been dug through. Squirrels can also spread disease and pose other health and safety issues to you and your family.

A few tell-tale signs that your home may now have a squirrel as a guest include:

  1. Hearing noises that may be squirrels running, scratching or even fighting with each other
  2. Noise coming from the attic, walls, chimney or vents
  3. Holes in your homes siding or under soffits
  4. Chewed or frayed wires
  5. Attic insulation damage
  6. Seeing squirrel droppings

Terminix Services, Inc. offers the best solution to solve your wildlife problem, make your home critter-free (and keep it that way) and protect your family. By knowing where critters like squirrels tend to initiate an invasion, Terminix Services, Inc. can better protect your home and your loved ones.

A few of the home vulnerabilities that Terminix Services, Inc. will check include:

  1. Foundation grates and pipes
  2. Dryer, oven and plumbing vents
  3. Roof returns
  4. Other gaps between walls or roofs

If you feel that your home may be vulnerable to critters like squirrels this winter, be sure to call your local Terminix Services, Inc. professional to take care of the problem safely and lawfully. For more information on preventing critters from entering your home this winter, follow this link.

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