Terminix has been in the business of protecting homes and providing pest control to Charlotte, NC, residents for 75 years now. We’ve tangled with our share of creepy crawlers, irksome intruders, and pesky pests in that time, and answered countless questions along the way. 

From the new homeowners wondering if the bug they’ve found is something to be worried about, to the budding scientist eagerly asking after an insect she’s collected in a mason jar, people turn to Terminix for answers about pests and pest control in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte Pest Control 101

Recently, we’ve been hearing from people new to the Charlotte area — transplants and out-of-towners newly resettled in the Southeast. 

These new-in-towners are understandably curious about the lay of the land, bug-wise. And as the Queen City continues to draw more people, we realized — there’s probably plenty of new homeowners out there who haven’t had a chance to connect with a local Terminix technician yet. 

So, in the interest of reaching as many Charlotteans as possible, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about pest control in Charlotte, NC, right here in one place.

If you’re new in town, considering moving, or even if you’ve been here a while, keep reading to discover the answer to your most important — or, at least, most common — questions.

1. Does Charlotte, NC, Have a Lot of Bugs?

Just like any other city, Charlotte is home to wildlife of all sorts, including bugs. 

It’s not uncommon for people living in Charlotte to encounter a wide variety of bugs on any given day. Mosquitos, termites, cockroaches, spiders, ants, wasps, bees, and countless other insect species can be found throughout the Charlotte area.

But unlike other cities, Charlotte has the distinction of consistently ranking among the worst cities for mosquitoes in the USA, even taking the number one spot this year, according to a study conducted by Terminix. Mosquitos and other bugs can quickly become a problem if you aren’t taking the right steps to protect your yard and home.

That’s where Terminix comes in. With 75 years of dedication to the Southeast and the strongest guarantee in the industry, you can Trust Terminix to get the job done.

2. Does Charlotte Have a Roach Problem?

While it is safe to say we have provided a lot of homeowners with roach-focused pest control in Charlotte, NC over the years, we wouldn’t say it’s a problem. They’re a natural part of our ecosystem and important contributors to the biological balance. 

And consider this: of the thousands and thousands of species of cockroaches worldwide, only three are commonly found in the Charlotte, NC, area — The American, the German, and the smokybrown cockroaches.

Taking that in consideration, there isn’t really a ‘roach problem’ in Charlotte.

What is a problem, though, is when these pests show up in your home uninvited. 

If you’re worried about cockroaches, or think you’ve spied some in your home, we’re here to help.

3. Are Termites Common in Charlotte?

Yes, termites are a common pest across the Southeast, and Charlotte is no exception. Staying ahead of termites keeps Charlotte pest exterminators and technicians busy every spring. 

Termites are mostly active during the spring, when flying swarmers emerge by the hundreds in search of new places to make colonies. Be on the lookout on warm, sunny days following a heavy spring rainstorm for these swarms of winged (or alate) termites, but keep in mind that simply seeing swarmers outside doesn’t mean they’ve started feasting on your framework. 

Termite colonies in stumps and other debris are part of our natural biome, and it’s likely you’re seeing termites from these harmless, natural colonies.

If you see a swarmer inside your house, it’s time to call in the professionals. Request a free inspection with Terminix to discover and identify any potential infestations, and keep your home and investment protected.

4. What Kind of Rodents Are in NC?

A full list of rodents who call North Carolina home would be too long for this blog. However, the vast majority of rodent species in North Carolina live out in nature and aren’t known to seek shelter or nest inside our homes.

The rodents you’re most likely to encounter in your home — the sort that would require rodent control — in Charlotte are: deer mice and house mice, roof rats and Norway rats, and to a lesser extent, Eastern Gray squirrels.

Rats and mice both pose an especial risk to both the health and homes of homeowners in Charlotte. Not only can they contaminate food and spread pathogens and other harmful microorganisms, their destructive chewing habits can damage property, ruin insulation and, in the worst case, even cause fires

For rodent control in Charlotte, we always recommend a proactive approach. 

Check the seals around entries and exits, making sure they are flush when closed. Keep foodstuffs sealed and put away, and keep plants, debris, or other likely nests clear and away from your home. 

Be on the lookout for signs of gnawing, the distinctive brown and black droppings, and possible paw or tail prints. And keep your ears open for skittering, scurrying, or scratching coming from behind walls or up in attics.

5. Is Pest Control Worth It?

Yes, pest control is worth it. It’s one of the most sensible investments around. 

Terminix pest control of Charlotte offers customers protection from many common indoor and outdoor pests, backed by the strongest guarantee around: we will keep coming back until all the pests are gone.

Customers also get access to the expertise and experience of local Terminix technicians to help identify potential signs of pests and take a proactive approach toward pest control.

Pest Control Service in Charlotte, NC – Trust Terminix

If you’re new in town and need help navigating and dealing with pests, reach out to our team of experts. And if you’re thinking about moving, hopefully this has put any of your bug concerns to rest.

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